Hi there! You can email us at media@backseatmedia.com.au or fill our our contact form below.


The minimum duration to run a campaign is 1 month. However, we do have special deals running throughout the month if you want to jump onboard for the last week or two of the month.


Absolutely! Backseat Media have an in-house design team who can do post-production work.

Would you like an estimate? Email us at media@backseatmedia.com.au


Not at all! You can run your campaign on 1 or 100 vehicles. Increase the number of vehicles when your budget allows for it.


+ Select product, month and the number of vehicles

+ Purchase your advertising space at the checkout

+ We send you a link to upload your content

+ You upload your content

+ We publish your content & you are LIVE


Yes! This is one of the many perks about digital advertising. No additional printing fees to change a campaign. Plus almost instant changes can be made to ensure you do not have out of date content.