Connecting Uber, DiDi, and Ola riders with your brand. We believe in your success

who's in our backseat?


Backseat Media partners with premium Uber, DiDi and Ola drivers and gift them a high-definition digital touchscreen headrest in the Backseat of their vehicle.

Backseat advertising

Interested in elevating your brands exposure? Advertise your brand in the Backseat of an Uber ® DiDi ® and Ola ® car to engage your audience with a unique one-to-one experience.

Be where your customers Are

80% of people take notice of Out of Home (OOH) advertising, 42% participate in the call to actions with 19% go on to buy what they see. 

CONTINUOUS innovation

Backseat Media never stop innovating and improving the passengers experience by learning directly from our passenger’s. Our lead innovator is also an Uber ® driver.

fall in love with our features

Sight, Sound & Motion

Words are awesome but have a greater impact with images. Add in a little video and a layer of sound and BAM you have yourself an engaging ad.

100% Completion Rate

Our ads do not have a skip option.

Visually Appealing

It took us years to even launch our MVP. Steve Jobs has influenced our thinking and design. We won't settle for a "Me too" product.

Sound Options

Our years of research tells us too much sound is annoying. So we limit how often and how loud our sound is. Something we keep an eye on.

Seamless Experience

We have fallen in love with QR code technology. We take your audience on a journey using their mobile device.

Remotely Controlled

Publishing new content is as easy as a single click. We have 24/7 connectivity to our screens, which means you can update your ad anytime you like.


Local Area Marketing your thing? No platform can target like our Backseats can. Use multiple Zones to connect with your customers.

USB Phone Charging

We believe in solving problems for people. Our Backseats have a seamless phone charging port to put your audience at ease

unskippable & unmissable

An effective audience reach of over 500 people and more than 5,000 impressions from $90 a month.

More than 60 unique products available.

*figures based on 1 car

advertise in the backseat

Increase your brand’s exposure by interacting and engaging with an attentive audience.

become a backseat driver

Upgrade your backseat with Backseat Media, earn cash, increase your tips and driver ratings.